some progress on my final project in belgium. a shop specialising in gourmet tea, coffee, and baking ingredients. identity, packaging, stationery, and all the rest of it. here’s some of my work on the logo…

i’m using a crown symbol for the mark. obvious connotations. but i’ve made it out of spoons - a subtle hint at what they do. it was also inspired from images of a milk drop splashing into coffee.

i’ve chosen h&fj’s archer. sweet and friendly, with a well mannered forthrightness. i love it, and think it suits the company’s tone of voice rather well.

customising the type slightly by rounding off the terminals. centered the I beneath the crown. and added balls to the ends of the decorative swirly bits.

finally; varying the thickness of the strokes to class it up a bit.
i think it’s nearly there…

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